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Helping children develop
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Holding Hands
Kids Inc. President and Founder, Allan M. Gonsher
“Be Well.”
Author of “An Allowance is Not a Bribe” and an MSW graduate from Columbia University in New York, Kids Inc Founder and president Allan Gonsher is a registered Play Therapy Supervisor and member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers, Association of Play Therapy, and a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Allan is an adjunct professor at Mid- America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas, and a guest lecturer at the Hebrew University School of Social Work in Israel. Previously, Allan taught at the University of Nebraska School of Social Work, Drake University, and Creighton University. He is a contributing author to “101 Play Therapy Techniques” for his chapter, Popcorn Walk, and to the book, "Assessment and Treatment Activities Volume Two" with the chapter The Blanket. He has appeared as a guest writer in Ladies' Home Journal, Child Magazine, and The Jewish Homemaker. Allan is a recipient of both the Nebraska Social Worker of the Year and Nebraska Play Therapist of the Year awards. He is the founder of such organizations as Youth Leadership in Omaha and the Nebraska Association of Play Therapy. Allan has taught and supervised medical practitioners, counselors, and educators extensively regarding Play Therapy internationally. In 1985, Allan launched Kids Inc, a specialized therapy organization, with one vision in mind:
Helping Children Develop.
Today, Allan runs Kids Inc office locations in Omaha, Nebraska, and Overland Park, Kansas. With a focus on using specialized therapy care to help children and families prosper emotionally. He works to identify short-term solutions and long-term strategies for people dealing with a variety of concerns that can impede healthy development and happy living. A large focus of Kids Inc is to use Play Therapy techniques and tailor therapy programs for a variety of unique concerns, from aggression to academic problems.
For additional information on Kids Inc’s services or to set up a free consultation to discuss a concern you or your child has, please contact us. We are here to help…
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Read Allan's "expert answer" to a question about children and money on babycenter.com or his comments on children and dolls in the article, "First Friends: Toddlers and Stuffed Animals" on Parents.com.

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